Thursday, February 10, 2011

the power of one Ch 4-6

In the novel The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, he demonstrates through Hoppie and Peekay what “the power of one” is. “The power of one” is the ability to take on larger objects physically and go through hard times and troubles mentally. Peekay goes through the same thing except mentally. Peekay always gets made fun of his ethnic background and is called names and disrespected. In his training with Hoppie, Peekay is learning to overcome all his troubles and never give up when he sees Hoppie fighting. “His eyes were sad, and he shook his head as he spoke. ‘That’s why you’re going to be the next champ, Peekay, you’ve got the reason.’” This quote gives Peekay hope that even though he has lost Granpa Chook, he still has someone helping him. “The power of one” is also being able to tell everyone who you are without fear and to conquer your fears. “…Mr. Groenewald, I’m just a cerdomede rooinek,” Peekay is afraid that when Hoppie finds out that he is a rooinek he will hate him like everyone else has, but Hoppie tells him that he should be proud of what he is and tells him the story when he lost to a rooinek. Peekay’s allies are Hoppie. “…tonight we are witnessing the great biblical drama of David and Goliath.” Hoppie also has “the power of one” because in this match against Jackhammer Smit, Hoppie is outmatched in size but he does not give up in his times of fighting with him even with the advantages against him. Hoppie also wants to help Peekay. He wants him to be proud of his identity and wants him to be a welterweight contender. Hoppie, another man who bears “the power of one”, wants to show him that he can be better than everyone else and wants him to succeed. During his trip on the train and in the fight, he teaches him skills that will help him like using the brain and mouth as a weapon. “Never forget, Peekay, sometimes, very occasionally, you do your best boxing with your mouth.” Peekay knows that this doesn’t only relate in boxing, but it also can be used in life.

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