Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Opening (Revised)

Entering the room, you notice all the posters and pictures that are on a wall. It covers up almost the entire wall. However, the shades prevent light from entering the room. The room is all black. You are looking left and right for the light switch. You are also tripping over clothes and other object for the room is messy with clothes and bags everywhere. Under the window, there is a twin size bed neatly covered. Adjacent to the bed is a dirty book shelf. It has not been touched or fixed in days. Books are laying one over the other, and dust building up on top of the books. In front of this book shelf is a large desk. On the large black desk, a large pile of papers sitting there all over the table like a house after a large earthquake. Above this desk are two brown shelves that are holding my trophies, medals, and key chains. Next to this desk is also a small, messy closet. When you open the door, toys spill out of the closet. On top of this mess however are layers of neatly folded clothes on shelves. As the young boy enters the room, he throws his bag on the floor, changes, and runs to the living room. He turns on the TV, jumps onto the couch, and after a long sigh, he closes his eyes, relaxes, and sleeps.

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