Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The room is a rectangle with light flashing through the windows making shadows of objects on the floor with the clothes that are on the chair. The open windows allowed air to blow in to keep the room cool. When opening the door, a big wave of wind comes blowing out of the room. On a hot day, the wind cools you down and keeps the room cool to keep a good temperature for doing your homework and relaxing. The chair is large and could be raised up and down with little tears on it. Under the windows, a small bed and a book case covered with dust. The books haven’t been touched in months. It is covered with dust and it is also a mess. Books lying on top of each other like a house after a large earthquake. The bed was nicely made with a white cover on top of it. Under the bed were 3 brown drawers with toys and emergency items. On the opposite side of that wall was a row of trophies with medals and key chains which was on a mantle. Under this hanging mantle, there is a large black desk with an old black computer on it. On top of the computer were pictures and posters. Next to the desk is a small closet with clothes, bags, and toys. This closet was crowded however with all the clothes and toy; toys on the floor with clothes all around you. Entering the room, he was listening to his I-Touch. Walking in, he kicks off his shoes causing a loud sound echoing across the room throughout the house. After he changes, he dashes to the living room, turns on the TV, and relaxes.

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